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Your business brand or corporate logo, beautifully custom printed, onto these long lasting and affordable plastic pens.

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We invite you to look through our range, and see if there is a style, and colour of pen, your are interested in, that will suit your budget, and the image you wish to present to your customer.

With our service we will provide you with fantastic promotional plastic pens, that you will be proud to give to your customers, and one that your customers will remember your company, and thank you for.

If you cannot see a style you are looking for, please advise us, as we always have some styles, that may not be added to the website yet, and we are always increasing our range of promotional plastic pens choices.

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Why Use Adstop Australia To Supply Your Promo Plastic Pens?

With over 29 years experience, Adstop is Australian owned, operated, and customer service focused.

We use the latest print machines and technology, and we are direct importers, so we keep up with the latest trends. With fast delivery Australia wide, we meet deadlines, if we say we can do it, we will do it, no false promises.

Adstop strives for quality, so your experience with us is amazing, because we want you as a returning customer.

Plastic Pen Features.

Here are some of the excellent features that promotional plastic pens have.

  1. Huge range of colours, styles and themes to choose from.
  2. You can order black or blue pen refills with most models, although the majority of customers order black refills.
  3. The print on the pens are long-lasting and highly durable.

Plastic Pen Benefits.

There are many benefits to giving out promotional plastic pens as business gifts, at your next trade show or corporate event. Let's take a look at some below.

  1. Pens are very useful to people. Plastic pens are highly functional, and can be used on a daily basis.
  2. They can be used for many years, and plastic pens last a very long time.
  3. Printed plastic pens are a cheap item. So you can make a big impression without a huge budget.
  4. People tend to keep pens, they don�t throw them away. Which means your brand name will be with them for a long time.
  5. Your logo is easily seen. literally because it is in your customer's hand.
  6. Plastic pens can be finished with a metal look, providing a high-class appearance, for the price of a plastic pen.

Why Buy Business Printed Plastic Pens?

Printed plastic pens are commonly used, and are an accepted business or corporate gift. They make-up over 20% of the total sales purchase volume, of all promotional products in Australia.

They are one of the most affordable and successful ways, to market your brand when printed with your logo or business name.

Custom plastic pens are extremely popular and for good reason. Considering there are many thousands of different promotional products, and their variations available, they are low-cost, and time proven, your logo is easily seen, and they are literally in your customer's hand, and they are useful.

People don't get a new pen and then throw it away, they keep it and use it. There are now eye-catching digital full colour prints available. Also the ink used in printing them, is a 2pac style, which means it has an adhesive as part of the ink, to help the print bond to the surface of the plastic pen.

What Our Customers Say About Our Promo Plastic Pens Service.

Some customers tell us they have ordered pens from other companies before, that stop writing very quickly or they fall apart, so be sure to choose a reputable supplier like us, that stands behind their products.

More Info About Promo Plastic Pens.

Here is some further information, and reasons why promotional plastic pens, are one of the best business giveaways you can buy.

Best Area To Print Your Pen.

Depending on the pen model, they can be screen printed, pad printed, or digital printed, digital printing technology, has advanced greatly over the last few years, and now offers excellent print clarity, and long-lasting full colour prints.

Most models can be printed on the lower barrel area, which has the largest print area, or beside the clip at the top of the pen, and beside the clip prints last a bit longer because it not always getting worn by touch as much, when using the pen.

Some models also have available a print area on top of the clip, although it is only a small print area, but it looks great if your logo is visible at a smaller size.

Vibrant Colours Can Get Your Plastic Pen Noticed.

For a visually striking pen, consider choosing a pen colour that compliments your company logo and corporate colours.

For a red Toyota logo, you might choose a white pen with a red clip and trims, and then put the red Toyota print on the white body,next to the red clip. This blends in with the colour scheme of the pen to your logo, for an attractive corporate look, and when you combine the colour theme like this with a pen, with a colour matched trim to your logo, then your logo stands out and gets your Promotional plastic pens more noticed.

Trade Show Giveaways.

Plastic pens also make a great conference hand out, and maybe put a container of pens, on your trade show display table, with a little note on the front saying please take one, this will be appreciated by customers and keep your company name in mind.

Work Great With Paper Notebooks As Giveaways.

Promotional plastic pens, combined with a handy notebook, go great together, and the notebook sometimes has a pen clip for that purpose.

Pens Are Always Close By.

Plastic Pens are always close around, and people usually keep them on their desk, in their pocket or car console, or some ladies in their handbag.