We supply the best promotional metal pens available in Australia. Custom branded with your logo beautifully printed or engraved.

Metal pens make one of the most distinguished and long lasting promo items. Browse our catalogue below, or let us help and assist you in ordering today!

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Promotional metal pens, as a part of the writing instrument category, also make up a large amount of the promotional spend budget, of companies in Australia. They are available in a variety of styles and finishes, like metal finishes of silver or all gold, and also two-tone silver and gold combinations, also many are of a painted lacquer finish, like black, navy, red, green, and many other colours, also some attractive new finishes like carbon fibre.

Metal Pen Pricing Info

Prices start from around $1.00 to $5.00 each for a basic promotional metal pen, and to around $5.00 to $10.00 for a very high-quality style, similar to some of the beginning range, of the brand name styles like Parker Pens. There is two choices of price styles, being the general gift, or promotional metal pens under $10.00 section, and the premium gift styles, and generally the brand name styles above $10.00, and these normally come with an included gift box or packaging for a very classy look. Normally we recommend printing or engraving for pens under $5.00, although for pens over $5.00 we advise laser engraving, as the pen is generally refilled by a customer, and they last longer, so therefore the laser engraving cuts into the metal and is permanent, assuring your logo of great continued exposure, for the duration of the pen.

Decoration Choices

They can also be combined with a corporate gift, like a business card holder, or a leather notebook. Decoration methods are Pad Printing, and laser engraving, and there is now is a new method called mirror finish, which gives an engraving with a shiny silver mirror like finish, which easily will catch someone's attention, and it looks classy, there is also an attractive option of having a small enamel badge soldered to the clip, which is different and beautiful. Decoration positions are normally on the barrel or beside the clip.

The refills tend to be of an excellent quality, and long lasting and refillable.

Many customers sometimes disregard their corporate colours, especially for laser engraving decoration, for example a black pen with gold trims, with a gold logo, blends all the black and gold together, for an attractive and complete corporate look.

Pen Styles

There are now styles that have a stylus on top, for computer and phone use on keyboards to make typing easier, and rubber grips for comfort, and there are highlighter styles, and a new style that when the top button is pressed, an internal light, lights up the logo engraving, which looks stunning, and is a real conversation piece.

We now have two new excellent quality brands called Derofe, and the Swiss collection, the quality is about the same or better than some of the brand name models, for the comparable price bracket, but they cost a lot less than the brand name styles.

The Advantages Of Promotional Metal Pens

Some of the advantages of promotional metal pens are... Time proven, long lasting, useful, retained and refilled, quality writing style to use, a pleasure to write with, a significant classy gift to receive, with a high price perception.