Promotional Parker Pens are one of the most famous and trusted pen brands. We supply Australia's largest range, colours, sizes

and prices. We print or laser engrave your business brand, and logo beautifully, on these long lasting and high quality custom Parker Pens.

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Why Use Promotional Parker Pens?

Everybody knows the trusted and famous Parker Pens range. Parker Pens are the ultimate writing instruments gift, and they are treasured and kept. If you have ever received a parker pen as a gift, you would remember the good feeling and appreciation, of knowing what a wonderful gift it is, and the Beautiful flowing way it writes the written words on a page. Other people also notice when you use a beautiful brand name pen, so you later get an even bigger audience, that will see your logo on the promotional parker pen.

Promotional Parker Pens Printed And Laser Engraved Australia

Pen finish choices include all gold or silver, or two-tone gold silver combinations, and there are many painted lacquer colour choices available. Decoration can be pad printing or laser engraving on the lower barrel, or beside the pen clip. For that extra touch maybe also consider engraving the recipient's name on the promotional parker pen.

Long Lasting

They are a long lasting pen model, and the ink refills are excellent quality.

Retractable Inks

Promotional Parker Pens have choices of click top retractable inks, or twist action inks, that retract the ink refill back into the body of the pen, to protect it and keep it from making marks on bags, pockets etc.

Parker Pen Gift Boxes

Most Parker Pens come with an included gift box, to complete the corporate presentation.