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Promotional Pens With Your Custom Logo

Here you will find the largest range of pens, pencils and highlighters. All pens can be custom printed with your corporate logo. Prices start from $0.29c ea. To save you time, we can offer some product suggestions for you, we just need to know the approximate quantity required, how many colour print you want on the custom pens, and if you have an approximate price budget per item, for example if you are wanting a $0.29 cent promotional pens style for a general giveaway, or a better quality metal pen $5.00 gift style, or perhaps more expensive types, such as Cross, Parker pens and Waterman brand, if possible please advise the budget amount per item that you wish to spend. We can offer a large range of gift packaging to enhance all of our range.

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Corporate Pens Collection

A selection of custom pens, with full pricing and decoration options.

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Plastic Pens Collection

This section features Plastic pens, in a great variety of colours and styles.

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Metal Pens Collection

This section features Metal styles, with a great choice of colours and styles.

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Promotional pens are a form of marketing, the industry formal description, is called below the line style, which states that it is a strategy, where products are marketed, by ways different to general media methods, for example...Radio, TV, Outdoor Billboards, Films etc. Therefore it is considered a legitimate form of promoting, and like other forms of promotional strategy, it generally forms a mix of styles in a company, and it should be a part of your marketing mix, and it is most likely, the only type of promoting, your customers will thank you for. Because it is given as a useful gift with your company name on it. Sometimes it is a good idea to vary the styles and prices of your prospective order, perhaps get a lower cost pen, for a general giveaway, and also maybe a smaller amount of a higher cost pen for VIP customers. Normally the higher the price point, or the perception of high value generally relates to the level of appreciation, from a customer. Although you can achieve, an attractive and professional look, for not too high a price.

Bic Pens Collection

A well known Bic pens brand of printed pens and business pens , in many style and colour choices.

Photo of Bic Pens

Parker Pens Collection

A corporate pens brand name that is well known and loved for their quality, and writing comfort, from Parker Pens in Australia and worldwide. A truly special personalised gift.

Photo of Parker Pens Collection

Swiss Pens Australia Collection

The Swiss Pens Collection, is a metal range, of great quality at an affordable price.

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Promotional Pencils Collection

Promotional pencils for all occasions.

Photo of Promotional Pencils Collection

Promotional Highlighters Collection

Highlighter pens make a great fun option, that we can custom brand with your logo. Highlighters come in a variety of bright and vibrant colours, that people will use everyday.

Photo of Promotional Highlighters

Corporate Pens

In this collection you will find a mixed assortment of various types great pens to choose from.

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Plastic Pens

Here you will find plastic pens in a great variety of colours and styles to choose from.

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Metal Pens

Browse through our metal pens collection which includes a great choice of colours and styles.

Photo of metal Pens Collection
Bic Pens

Bic pens is a famous brand for printed pens and business pens, choose from many styles and colours.

Photo of Bic Pens Collection
Parker Pens

Parker pens are well known and loved for their quality, and writing comfort, in Australia and worldwide.

Photo of Parker Pens Collection
Swiss Pens

The Swiss Pens range, is a great collection of metal pens at an affordable price.

Photo of Swiss Pens Collection

Browse through our promotional Pencils collection here.

Photo of Promotional Pencils Collection
Highlighter Pens

Promotional highlighters are a great marketing option full of vibrant colour options

Photo of Promotional Highlighters

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**Please Note: All of the custom Pens range in the above links are available from Adstop. Please contact us for more information about Pens.


"I received the pen samples and they look great, Thanks-again" - Nicole

"I received the pens this afternoon. Very impressed, thanks" - Nick

"Just got the pens, thanks a lot, they are awesome!!!"- David

About Us

We have 29 years experience, which means we have branded pens, for a large amount of customers. And after such a long time, and with our vast experience, we know what we are doing. So you really will receive a fantastic job, that you will be happy with. Our prices are great, or we would not be in business for nearly 30 years, and the quality is excellent with most of our customers placing repeat orders.

We supply quality promotional pens. We don't sell pens that fall apart, or stop writing the following week after purchasing. We know the Custom pens printing industry backwards, and we are also direct importers, and because we directly import, we get information first about new styles, and recent industry trends. We have many thousands of customers, and we include many of Australia's biggest companies as our customers. We welcome you, to become one of our customers, we will not let you down.

Promotional Pens Australia Info

In Australia, promotional pens are one of the highest regarded and most popular business gifts available. One of the main reasons is because they can be a cheap, and affordable alternative to other options available. Pens can be a great cost effective way to promote your brand and corporate Identity. They are an extremely effective form of advertising, because of how easily, and how often your logo on them is noticed, and because the product is low cost, it is a great return on your investment.

We have been in the custom printed pens industry in Australia for over 29 years. There is no style that we haven't seen, or pen concept that we haven't been able to blend into a successful marketing campaign for our clients. We are the experts. If you are looking for any type of pen or concept, and cannot find it, chances are we can!

We Have The Largest Range Of Pens In Australia

There are a huge range to choose from. We can even match a pen colour to your business colours, if you are looking for a pen that really stands out. There have been many new style choices lately, for example an amazing style, that has an internal light, that lights up an engraved pens logo. Also advances in digital printing, means you can now print a good quality full colour logo on pens. And there is a large range of increasingly popular stylus pens available.

There is even a new style of promotional pens range that projects a light, of a customer logo on to a wall or other surface. And another new style with 6 built in custom messages, that rotate when you click the top button. There are also some other great pens, like the banner pen, it is a style that has a small glossy paper banner printed with a full colour print on it, and that rolls up inside it, and the banner can be pulled out, and viewed, by pulling a small lever on the side of the pen, and then you will see the stunning full colour pictures, that can be used like a brochure, that was inside the pen. On the banner inside ( think brochure ), you could print your product range pictures, or other relevant business information, and the info is always close at hand, letting your message be repeatedly seen.

Stick Pens

Stick pens are the first pen styles on the price scale. They are a great choice if you are looking for cheap and affordable printed pens. These are the pens that have the pull off lid, that you place on the other end of the pen, to begin writing.


Retractable pens are another cheap and affordable choice. This is the pen that you click in and out to retract the writing tip. This and the stick pen are the most common pens available, and usually the styles that most of our customers in Australia select, for a low cost give away campaign.

Plastic With Metal Trims

If you are looking for an item that has a more of an up market look, than the cheap plastic promotional pens, then this pen style could be great for you. It comes with a slightly higher price point, but provides a much higher quality look and feel. A great choice to suit most marketing needs.

Full Metal Pens

Metal engraved pens don't need much introduction here, as you know these are simply one of the best gift products to receive. Starting at as low as $1 each, they are a joy to hold and write with, and have that executive high end look and style that we all love, and they will be sure to be received, with great thanks and appreciation. These types of pens are built to last, and the best thing is we can laser engrave these pens, so that the logo can last for the life of the pen, constantly displaying your brand and logo.

Parker, Bic And Waterman Pens

As mentioned, we stock the largest range of pens in Australia, this includes the famous brands, such as Parker pens, Bic pens, and Waterman. One of the great features of the brand name pens, is that they can be decorated with a metal emblem on the clip, which has an old style elegant look. This provides a very unique, and high end finish to your gift pen presentation. Most Parker pens in Australia, and Waterman brands, include presentation gift boxes. We also recommend laser engraving, for these styles, to give an elegant and subtle appearance, which lasts for the life of the pen.

With regards to Parker pens from Australia, less decoration can be a classy option, and oftentimes more suitable. A subtle emblem attached to the clip, could be a better suggestion than a huge logo covering the entire pen. To show the client that they are very important to your company, some of our customers order small high end pen quantities, from Parker pens and Waterman collection, which they then have custom engraved, with their clients name or initials, for a personalised touch.

We are distributors of promotional Bic pens. They were founded in 1945, and their first popular style was the iconic Bic Cristal pen, and over the years, they have evolved into a hugely successful worldwide company, in over 160 countries, and employing over 14000 people. They have an amazing range of products, known for their quality, reliability and value prices.

Environmentally Friendly Pens And Various Pen Options.

If you have any particular promotional pens that you want, let us know. We should be able to source it for you. We have all sorts of pens available, from environmentally friendly, to anti bacterial styles. Also the modern pen styles, such as USB pens, pens with floating logos, conference pens, stylus pens, promotional highlighters, and more. The choices and possibilities are almost endless.

Gift Boxes and Packaging Options.

Most of our pen, pencil and highlighter collections, are available with the option, of beautiful and professional gift boxes, and special packaging options. This really does complete the entire presentation, when handing over your custom pens to your customers. If you have ideas and concepts that you require, please let us know. We love helping and assisting our valued clients in every aspect. We are here to serve you.

Everyone uses a pen!

Everyone uses promotional pens, they keep them in draws, on office benches, always close by and ready to take down important notes. This is why they make one of the best marketing products to giveaway. People use them everyday, which means they look at them and your brand name often, which is printed or engraved on it.

People don't really get a pen and then throw them away, they are always kept because they are useful, and many of our customers keep placing repeat orders for them, and also promotional pencils, year after year, and they are handed out by their reps, and also kept on shop counters, or reception desks. When your company representative visits a customer, ask them to leave a handful of printed pens at the reception desk, and they are sure to be used, keeping your name in the customers mind. They have been around a long time, and they are a time proven advertising tool, and sure to catch your customers eye. And promotional highlighters are also becoming increasingly popular, for promotions.

The Right Pen For The Right Occasion.

There are differences in pens, that you may want to be aware of, and handing the right pen to the right person is something to be considered. Are you targeting the right demographics?. They can be one of the lowest cost promo items, they also come in more upmarket and premium options.

Let's say for example, you are looking to hand out a cheap plastic pen, but the potential client is a major corporate executive. A better solution would be to go for a higher engraved metal Parker pens or a Swiss metal pen. On the other hand, plastic pens or custom pencils, could work best for a business, such as a mechanic, school or pharmacy.

Why Choose Us

The print machinery we use for our promotional pens, being decorated in Australia, is the state-of-the-art best available, and gives an excellent print quality, that is durable and second-to-none. We also have been importing for many years, directly from the leading manufacturers overseas, so this enables us to offer cheap prices, and we keep up with the latest technological advances, and the latest models of pens, sometimes we have this information many months, before some of our competitors in Australia are aware of them.

Pens and pencils are also a conference must have product, and are great when combined with a compendium or notebook.

We deliver to customers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and all over Australia.